Friday, September 27, 2019

Mourning Period For When They Grow

I get so much advice from Dads with older daughters that it’s gotta be true. Since I’m an older Dad, most of my friend circle is on to the role of dealing with teenagers and some even as Grandfathers now!

But there is one thing for sure they all unanimously share in common, and that is to cherish this time. Mainly because inevitably they grow up and start living their own lives. Most have shared how in that transition period they find themselves in some sort of “mourning” season. Mourning the loss of their baby girl, that little one who would come running for a hug the moment she heard Dad walk through the door. That little princess who needed me to tuck her in safely to bed at night or beg me for just one more bedtime story. They miss the girl who always wanted to be with daddy, whether going on errands on the weekends, or just joy riding in the car or wrestling in bed.

Every dad must go through this at some point. In fact, I’m sure you were told, “cherish this time while their little, it goes way too fast!”

When our daughters become women, some things do change. Routines & activities will evolve, her time will be spent with her peers (or boyfriends/girlfriends) but one thing is constant; our baby girl will always be our baby girl. She will always cherish those daddy-daughter moments that you and I will miss (even if she doesn’t say it). She will fondly recreate those same memories with her own future children.

Being a dad to a daughter is an honor & one of life’s greatest blessings.

There is just so much meaning and fulfillment in your life.

Take today for example. Her sheer joy to see me walk through the door after being gone all week fills my heart. The expression on her face, her sincere right hug and kiss. Her immediate summary of all I missed followed with show and tells and so much more.

She had a surprise for me. She had missed me so much that she said she drew a picture for me. It was both of us at Disneyland. And we were watching the fireworks, so she drew those too. She told me she gave me a little hair so I could look cuter. Key word here folks, “cuter” not just “cute.”

Not only did she explain her drawing for me, she presented it to me with the tightest hug ever. These moments are simply preciously priceless.

So I continually internalize such advice from Dads that have walked my shoes. I do my best to be there for those moments and to selfishly keep them recorded in my soul so that I may replay them over and over again hopefully even when I’ve already taken my last breath.

For now, I’m not ready to mourn the transitional detachment of my daughter from our simple daily routines. I know the day will come when she does and I will lose all the cool I hold now. But till then,  I’m living my best life with the ones I love. ❤️

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