Tuesday, September 10, 2019

Baby Pics and 1st Homework

Doc visit today and all is good in the cocoon. 

Baby is now weighing a whopping 1.5lbs. 

The measurements actually calculated that the baby is big. Actually 4 days ahead of expected given measurements. 

Today was also Mommy’s first time starting to volunteer in V’s class so of course she was giddy. Both of them! I also started with homework duty tonight. A first of many I’m sure. But I do know I need to work on my patience as it usually runs on short fuse. 

As the Pregnant Husband, I’ve had all sort of crazy immune system issues. I had to take NyQuil last night as I was dying with cold symptoms. Today I was fine as a 🥒 cucumber. So who knows. Maybe it was the visual engrained in me from still seeing Mommy “feeding” the fish from her motion sickness from sailing. But that’s another rated R blog entry. Jaja...

Here’s to technology allowing us to capture priceless moments! 

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