Friday, September 6, 2019

23 Weeks & Felt Baby Move on Airplane from New York!

Pretty epic milestone today!

The 23rd week of pregnancy marks the somewhat safe survival of the baby outside the womb. If that were to happen, baby would be in NICU for quite some time but because the baby is now fully formed and a complete little human, it can survive. Now it just needs to grow.

Baby is also ONE POUND today. It will also double in size in the next week or so. So Momma is gonna feel the added weight. Her waddling through the New York subways was a definite indication that the critter is most definitely growing.

And that was quite an amazing bustle. Momma hung in there as any trip to New York is anything but relaxing. While it was amazing, it’s always go go go...

V is still blown away and talking how she was on tv last night during the US Open. She asked if we would see Serena on the plane today.

She also asked if she could have a play date with Serena’s daughter this weekend. I’m on it!

The most amazing bow to our trip was visiting the art exhibit in New York which featured our cousin Sandy. It was spectacular. And best yet, it inspired Victoria! Her works are featured with paintings by Andy Warhol. Go Sandy! So proud of her.

Well folks, the most amazing gift was FINALLY feeling baby move on the plane today at 8pm from New York. It was just a special moment. Minutes later Victoria was also able to feel the baby move.

Epic day in so many ways!

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