Thursday, August 29, 2019

We’re Ready for Summer to End

This has been an unusually hot summer. Or maybe because we’ve been around longer to feel it. Or perhaps this second week of roughing the new Kinder early schedule has done us in. But we are ready  for cooler days. 

Tough week overall. While the critter is loving school, I’m not liking everything that comes with it. But I guess we will all have to adjust and manage. 

More maternity clothes returns and tons of web conference calls and calls and more calls...V’s getting a pretty good assessment of her Dad. Not only do I eat too many tacos ( as she points to my six pack) but apparently I talk too much. 

She did say she was learning the 5 Daily Steps. When probed, she says I just told you. Then I ask what ARE the 5 steps. Bothered, she exclaims, “pápi, I told you the 5 steps, I don’t know them because I learning them, but I like learning them!” And that is how my usual convo goes. Apparently I don’t get it. Well, at least I’m prepping for when those pesky teen years show up and proclaim that I really in fact don’t know a thing. 

V’s uncle came over to take V to school today. Very cool! He lives in Houston and dedicated a day to spend with his niece. Very special to me. But what parent doesn’t appreciate when others give lovin’ to their own kids right? 

He even bought her an electronic air pump for her bikes and put on training wheels that Roberto gifted to her bigger bike. She missed him at pick up asking why he wasn’t there. 

Chipping away at getting baby room ready little by little...for now, I have to roast tons of green chile’s courtesy of Tío Kiki. 

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