Monday, August 5, 2019

Waiting for Bust A Move 🥒

At 18 weeks, 3 days, we are just waiting for baby to bust a move. Mommy should be feeling movements any day now.

As for baby, apparently he or she is causing Momma to sleep...a lot 💤 😴! She can’t get up in the mornings as she usually does. So of course, her body is creating a life. She needs rest and lotsa sleep!

It’s also first I heard today that baby is the size of a cucumber 🥒. I still find it kinda weird how they compare baby sizes to fruits and vegetables.

One of the symptoms of pregnancy at this stage at strange dreams. Since I’m the Pregnant Husband, I’m not exempt. I had a crazy dream last night that we were at a party in my dad’s town of El Terrero and at Concha’s mansion. I knew she was dead but kept thinking why I was there. Turns out it was a massive party and lots of carnitas and chicharrones were being freshly made. I was in heaven. Well maybe I went to bed hungry. But it was a weird but awesome drink. Concha, a family member never showed up. Maybe she did but I was too busy chasing the smells of the carnitas being cooked in those copper casos. Yeah, I may have a problem with food.

Here I present some amazing tacos I had yesterday which may have triggered the dream, and yes they were accompanied with slices of cucumbers. 🧐

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