Monday, August 26, 2019

Sleepless Nights

I now often find wife awake at crazy hours of the night.

Turns out come 4:30am every day now she is wide awake. She feels baby growing and getting bigger.  So going back to sleep after the many pee breaks is tough.

The boob tenderness is also at an all time high. I’m just glad that’s one symptom I don’t have to worry about.

The problem is that she doesn’t read, meditate or pray during those sleepless nights. She shops!


The days are still crazy hot. Unbearable. I’ve been taking V to Kinder on this second week and so far she still wants to keep going back, so that’s a good thing.

V loves her friends. Tonight we went to dinner to toast to Chloe’s 5th Bday and the girls had a blast. They are a bit obsessed with unicorns as the moment. So it was quite the site to see the dad’s drawing unicorns 🦄 on the table. And that’s using the word drawing ✍️ very loosely!

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