Wednesday, August 7, 2019

Purging, Nesting, Rearranging Madness

So if you didn’t know, an unintended consequence of being pregnant is this compulsive behavior to clean, scrub, wipe, throw away, and sanitize every cranny in the house. As a result, I spent the evening shuffling furniture outside to be on hands and knees scrubbing floors with bleach. Like really?

The kicker was “you move, I clean.” Yeah. Little problem is that being pregnant she can’t smell such fumes so guess who ended up actually doing the cleaning?

The nerve of this nester extended to her desire to get rid of my amazing high definition theater system  in the family room. She wants to reconfigure the room, get rid of my projection screen, projector, and all of its attached equipment: my only little joy in the entire house.

I personally think this is completely unconscionable and unreasonable. This Pregnant Husband will have to put his foot down immediately!

Nesting is in full force for sure. There is no doubt about it now.

She continues to crave ice cream. So maybe I should keep the freezer stocked with Rocky Road. But them again, my little V Pac-Man would devour it too.

V had two meltdowns today. So obviously two teachable moments. Really making an effort to spending one one time with her during these tantrums to talk about it and to teach her that one needs to share feelings rather than walk away. So they have been tender moments and when she realizes that  we don’t retaliate as she expects but that we talk to her and reason with her about consequences to her actions and behaviors she changes mood and comes out ahead knowing what is expected and that there are boundaries she needs to respect.

Crazy how Fatherhood changes you. The old me would of just snapped, yelled, and rivaled the tantrum with fiercer chest pounding.

We still want to see Lion King but the hold up is the wife’s frugal ways (mind you she is currently on a maternity clothes shopping spree on amazon as I write this) as she wants to go to the local $5 matinee theater while I want V to experience this epic movie at El Capitan in Hollywood with cool activation and all.

V was so happy to enjoy a nice lunch with her cousin Diana today who turn 21 next month! They look so much alike that they could pass as sisters. I suspect that is how V will look like when she is her age! Beautiful ladies!

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