Sunday, August 18, 2019

Not a Good Day to be a Dad

So what started to be a good day turned to one of the worse.

It was not a good Daddy Daughter day.

V was in rare form. Maybe because she had not too much sleep or the sugar overdose at the movies. We took her to finally see Lion King in Mission Viejo after weeks fighting to go see it al El Capitan in Hollywood.

She refused to take a pic at the theater. Then had a tantrum a second because I shouldn’t be showing any affection to her Mom. (Victoria if you’re reading this several years from now, know you put us through hell in this dept and that we finally got you the help you needed to deal with this fobia). According to Victoria, she is in competition with me in competing for her Mom.

She refuses to let me hold her hand or hug her. She wants her all to herself and seems to be getting worse with baby coming.

At one point I was going to give her a kiss but have it to Mom and that started a 3 hour meltdown during back to school shopping which was NOT fun. All she kept repeating like a parrot 🦜 for that duration was “that’s not fair...”

So yes, today was not a good day. So honey, we need to help you get over this hurdle. We love you, and I’m not in competition for your Mom’s love. And no, Mommy doesn’t own me as you think she does! (She keeps asking Mom this).

Living with two girls is no joke people. Run. Run. Or if you can’t, just drink, a lot! 🍷

Last night we had a blast celebrating Nadia’s graduation 🎓 while V hung out with her favorite tía.

Doc check up in the am to touch base on things...

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