Saturday, August 24, 2019

Must Be In The Water

Had a blast at Chloe’s 5th Bday Pool Party today. The water was awesome and V insisted I get in to be her personal human water cannon machine. So I obliged. This little human loves the water and all I kept doing was lifting her and throwing her in the air for her to land on the water. It was fun.

But I couldn’t help notice how many ladies around us were pregnant. I counted 4. What’s in the air, in the water? It’s one of those things that when you’re aware or have something like a car, you suddenly see it more often. It was neat to see.

Remember when I wrote a week or so ago on how wife was on a maternity clothes shopping spree? Well today was the return of that spree. As in spending hours at the Southcoast Plaza returning what seemed the hours of shopping she had originally bought.

My symptoms as the Pregnant Husband continue. Woke up with a bad bad headache today which lasted all day. Tylenol failed me today. It ruined my plans for the after party and well, no drink on happened as a result. Boo!

It’s also a great time to purge so that has been going on in Casa Gallegos. More on that later as it merits its own chapter alone!

Things are going good and appetite seems normal. Except for me. I’m devouring any carb in site. Tacos are my weakness. Well, any and all food really. Who are we kidding.

Let’s hope that tomorrow’s symptoms are calm so that I may get to the zillion house chores that need my attention.

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