Sunday, August 11, 2019

Matching Robes & Art

So the weekend comes to a close not without the wife obsessing over maternity shopping online. How did people do without their iPhones in bed?

Today’s ahaaa is that V also needs a matching Mommy robe for when baby is born.

I should demand a print as well, or at least matching chonis.

The light sleep is still keeping the Mrs. with sleep deprivation. Any attempts at naps are quickly interrupted with snuggles from V who just manages to keep her awake.

Since baby is now listening intently to Mom’s voices and is learning my voice as well as V’s, I wonder what goes through it’s little head. But pretty cool that those senses are so developed this early on.

V continues her fascination with coloring and drawing. It has really kicked up these last couple weeks. She takes great pride in her masterpieces and works on them for hours on end. The cool thing is that she totally customizes her creations according to the likes of her subjects. Here she drew a cat for her tíos Sangre and Jerry. Not just a cat, but a pooping cat. Because according to her, that’s what cats do. “You’re a pooper Bro,” she tells them.

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