Thursday, August 1, 2019

Lalapallooza Funfest in Chicago

My girls have been enjoying the sites and sounds of Chicago. Ironically Lalapallooza is also going on. So the city is buzzing with youngins and V wants to see Ariana Grande at its Sunday finale.

The girls continued their splash pad obsession and made many friends in the process. The day was absolutely perfect which meant Mommy walked for miles on end and took in her much needed vitamin D.

Mommy is a little worried that baby doesn’t want to make wiggling felt. But it will come in due time. Mommy keeps demanding massage and feels exhausted.

V’s meltdowns continue as we think it’s an indicator of her assimilating that she will soon be dethroned. No joke.

Ended evening with a nice dinner where V enjoyed sampling bread. 🥩 steak, lobster 🦞,  and broccoli 🥦...we’ve done our best in introducing her to  lot of food.

Well baby is apparently the size of a 🍠 sweet potato or camote!

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