Sunday, August 25, 2019

Hot Summer Days

This summer has been definitely unusually hot! 

That or we have been too used to cranking the air conditioning as often as possible unlike other years.  Living so close to the ocean has always been a positive as it’s usually cooler. But climate change is definitely here. 

Another non Sunday Funday in order as nesting in Adobe Gallegos is in full force. Woke this morning with the urge to water and clean the entire perimeter of our property. I’m completely achy right now. It was a nonstop day and I am beat. 

Still need to plant the avocado and pomegranate trees I bought in honor of baby but haven’t settled on where I want to plant them yet. 

V’s abuelita Josefina came over to take her to see Dora the Explorer movie 🍿 🎥 so that gave us tons of time to carry on. 

The best part is that she came with Chile Pasado stew and tamales!!! Love love love!

We finally took Siete and Cowboy to the dog park but short lived as the darn mosquitos are out in full force. I’m candy to them so we had to bolt! 

Good day was had by all V had another busy fun-filled day full of activities. 

One thing that definitely warms my heart is V’s love for her Grandmothers. She feels their love and I know they do hers. Since she spent the day with one, she asked to FaceTime the other one as I made her dinner.  She loves her Grandma’s fideo. Which was my favorite solita growing up. And today of course Wita should up with a huge bowl! 

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