Tuesday, August 13, 2019

Hawaii and Dad Nostalgia

So I’m on business travel in a Texas this week.

The little lady has been asking Mom that she needs to go to Hawaii. Like what!!!!! What 5 year old says that? Victoria of course. The crazy thing is that she is recollecting experiences from her earlier life when she couldn’t talk yet. How does that happen? I guess if I were a toddler going to Hawaii more than once, I’d remember too!

So maybe that is an idea for the wife’s Babymoon (con event invented by same people who invented bogus holidays). We’ll see as time is right and days are short.

Mommy has had headaches again and we suspect it’s the dose of vitamin D she is now taking. Her energy is usually zapped in the mornings but resumes in the evenings.

We are closely following V’s behavior as she assimilated the dethroning of being an only child for 5 years running. There are hidden hints of jealously that are creeping out and our goal is to our that beast and take it head on. Apparently today she was asking Mom who she loved more, her or Dad. When she confirmed both, she wasn’t happy with the answer. She kept repeating that mommy loved her more than me.

Mommy feeing great as shopping therapy is in full effect and her maternity shipment arrives tomorrow!

I continue my travels. When Dad came to this country, I’m in the territory he called home. More on that tomorrow...

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