Monday, August 12, 2019

Hair is Sprouting!

Yep, unlike Dad, baby’s hair is coming out!

So today I was reading a cool article about the journey of being a Dad to a girl.

It was pretty profound yet simple in the way I try to live my life by being present in my daughter’s life. There is a cool concept that I totally believe in. That’s that as a Father my main job is to be the Chief Memory Maker. By being intentional in giving of my time and being present. Sounds so simple and fundamental but harder done that said.

There are times when you are too tired when your kid is asking you to sit and draw, sit and play kitchen, sit and pretend to be restaurant customer and be served infinite amounts of plastic play food. I think we are all guilty of it. Many times rushing to do the last work assignment while your child hovers for attention. I’ve become much more conscious of that and how developmentally and emotionally important it is to be there for your kid. I find myself simply putting my phone away to be there, to play, to talk.

The main problem with our digital transformation is how easily we can lose ourselves with our technology at the expense of very basic human interaction. It’s not easy.

But the more you know, the more you aware you are, the better you will do. And I try my best to be conscious of this and be intentional about doing things as silly as they may be and be present.

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