Thursday, August 8, 2019

Cravings & ADD Cleanliness

So I took today and tomorrow off work as vacation days. Exotic road trip or long weekend getaway to Puerto Vallarta or Hawaii you may think? No. Extra time to clean the house, move furniture around, and kill and take down my movie theater 🍿 🎥  in the house. 😡😡😡

This nesting syndrome while pregnant is serious business. I have spent the day bleaching floors, scrubbing furniture and getting quite chummy with our fabric polishing machine where I was the lucky operator of scrubbing rugs, and all of our couches and fabric chairs in the house.

Not gonna lie, my back aches.

This is the sexy stuff nobody tells you in this journey. I’ve enlisted the help of my brother who is coming over the weekend to help me with my closet aka soon to be new baby bedroom.

Was hoping to hit the Orange County Fair today but the entire day was spent, yeah, literally cleaning. So a nice dip in the spa was just what the doctor ordered.

Mami’s cravings are outta control. Moreso than when V was in the oven. Ice cream 🍦 is a must around here. Today she was craving a grilled cheese sandwich with pickles. She even had the nerve to ask if I could at least “Grubhub” it for her. Like really? Ok, maybe I’ll go to the store and buy the ingredients to make them for her. My kitchen skills will not match the seasoning of any other place willing to deliver. I’ve got this! Speaking of hungry...

V decided she was hungry and decided to climb the pantry shelves to the top. Of course she fell and broke my favorite turkey platter and cut her foot. When I ran to see what the shattering was all about. She was crying and afraid I would scold her. She said she playing with her behavior incentive chart (yes Momma is a bonafide teacher) which is in the first pantry as well and that the platter magically fell. Yeah. At 5 they too now know how to lie. But she was freaked out and that melted my heart. I told her I wasn’t mad and hugged her. I shared that I was concerned as she could get hurt. At realizing I wasn’t mad she stopped shaking her hands with open palms in the air ( her anxiety tick) and hugged with right and cried louder. That melted my heart even more. V is so sensitive and fragile. Makes me just freak out myself at the huge responsibility that raising another human being is.

I really enjoy spending time with my girls. The little one can be quite a handful as you just read as she has quite the temperament but is such a joy to parent. The older one I have no idea how she manages, especially with me around. But I think she likes me. I’m a keeper. She owns me, well, that’s according to what Victoria told me today. So I guess I’m owned. According to the little lady. I break a lot of rules. Yes, rules that her Mom makes up. And to boot, Beckie also told V that all Moms are the bosses so I guess  I’m only a guest in my house that needs to follow Mommy’s rules. She was quick to correct me when I told her I was the boss because Marc has my back in affirming that we write the checks, so that makes us the bosses. Nope, not good enough for V. I need to obey Momma too.

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  1. Cleaning on your day off..... have you been hanging out with Ram?