Tuesday, August 20, 2019

Baby Moving!

We spent the day preparing for Victoria’s big day tomorrow as she starts Kindergarten. We attended the parent orientation this morning at the school and met the teacher. V is going to love school! 

In the evening we took her to see a movie as a treat to her last day before starting her formal education for the rest of her life! 

We saw a heart-wrenching movie called The Art of Racing in the Rain. We are a dog family so of course we loved it. But it was such an emotional movie that V protested the entire movie. This is not a kids movie, I don’t like it is what she kept saying. Who can blame her, the entire theater was crying from beginning to end. 

So much for taking her to a “treat” in preparation for Kinder tomorrow. Definitely plan fail. It didn’t help that her jealously with Dad is at an all time level. She is quite territorial with Mom and is vigilant. She will rub kisses off Mommy or simply grab and throw them into the air away from her. 

Well, the coolest thing is that in the middle of the movie, when Evie falls in the forest, the Baby decided to move with excitement too, while subtle but a movement that was definitely get. And there you have it, the baby finally made its presence known. Awesome! 

The movie features a beautiful Golden Retriever names Enzo. He was the spitting image of my beloved Chihuas who was also a Golden. I won’t go into the movie and spoil it, you just have to see this movie. The voice of Enzo is Kevin Costner and Milo from This Is Us is also in the movie. Just a powerful and beautiful and emotional movie about love, life, and heart ache. 


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