Thursday, August 22, 2019

Baby Fluttering Away

Day 2 of Victoria’s Kindergarten journey and just realized we will not be sleeping in for a very very long time!

It’s like it hit us like a bag of bricks. 🧱

Given that we are rookies at this, project fail is in full effect. Today I opted to take photos while she was starting breakfast so we had to literally have her swallow it en route. And wiping Nutella off the face is no joke.

Mommy shed a tear at drop off because V bolted inside without looking back or saying goodbye. Let alone a hug or kiss. 😂😂😂

After a long day at work I come home to full on tantrums and V upset that I apparently live at home too. After determining she was exhausted from her first official full day of school I escorted her to a mandatory nap. Who falls asleep? I do of course. Mommy happily found her on her iPad while she had her volume up to unacceptable levels because apparently Daddy was snoring.

Yep, that’s our current situation!

The baby has fluttered the most ever today. I can’t feel it though when I place my hand on the baby bump. The fluttering will soon turn to full on kicks soon as the baby is gaining a lot of weight. The eyelashes are now fully out and in full splendor.

There is a reason for the term beauty studies show the baby right now is already sleeping 14  hours a day.

Oh sleep oh yummy sleep, where art thou!

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