Sunday, August 4, 2019

7 ounces and low blood pressure

Our sweet potato 🍠 is now weighing about seven ounces.

There’s also the funky film developing on its brain to protect the membrane. Even the bone structure is continuing to harden.

While Mommy says she feels like she’s carrying a boulder, she needs to be carefully as her circulatory system is on overdrive and needs to slow down when getting up as she may feel dizzy. A common thing about now at 18 weeks is low blood pressure, totally normal but a sign to take it easy.

Yesterday was a hectic day as the shooting happened in El Paso killing 15. Just terrible.

It has been quite hot lately and our airline lost our luggage coming back from Chicago on Friday. Luckily they found all but the stroller! Ugh!

Also continue feeling some of the crazy fatigue symptoms. Can that really be true?

My fearless little lady today decided to climb a rock wall at her friend David’s 5th birthday party. She managed to climb all the way to the top on her own. Pretty amazing!

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