Friday, August 23, 2019

21 Weeks!

Well, Little Ms V has officially completed her first week of Kindergarten and is STILL loving school! She comes home so excited. She's practically invited every new student in her class to a playdate at the house.

Mommy had an awesome massage this AM to help her body with all the growing and turmoil its going through in growing a new life.

It was short-lived as she came home to much house work and some amazing cooking (chile verde con carne!).

Let's check in on the baby.

At 21 weeks (still considered 5 months pregnant until about 22 weeks), lots a growing is still going on. In fact, this carrot length child is about 10.5 inches in length and 12 ounces in weight.

Making Mommy tons of veggie and carrot juice this week. You see, the baby will develop liking to tastes based on what she is eating during this time. Since the baby is swallowing the amniotic fluid, it takes on the taste of EVERYTHING she eats. So let's continue the tradition and make this baby a foodie too!

According to What to Expect When You're Expecting, this is what development is happening now:

  1. the baby's neurons are now connected to its muscles which means coordination and communication are in full learning mode. 
  2. The legs and arms are now fully proportional too. 
  3. All the cartilage throughout the body is turning to bone. 
  4. The fluttering movements will soon turn to kicks as the baby is now learning to coordinate its movement.

Isn't is something. Just 20 weeks ago, our now baby was nothing more than a ball of cells. 

Baby Highlights:
  1. It now looks like a fully formed little mini human. 
  2. The baby continues to grow it's poop accumulation (scientifically called meconium). 
  3. While the skin is starting to get opaque with fat build up, it's still a bit see-through and quite wrinkly to allow for growth and fat accumulation which is critical for the body to start regulating its own temperature once out in the real world. 
  4. Baby now has its own bone marrow which is helping produce new blood cells (independent of Mommy's)
  5. The baby's pancreas is now also producing its own hormones to alleviate some of Mommy's pressure to provide those much needed hormones. 
  6. The cool thing is the baby is also dreaming in REM sleep. What could it possibly dream about?
  7. As mentioned above, the baby's taste buds are getting really fancy. 

Do you not wonder how we are even alive? Total miracle for sure. 

Tips for Mommy:
  1. She's a fidgety eater by nature. So gotta push the dark leafy greens, eggs, and red meat. 
  2. She should be getting super hungry now that baby is demanding more nutrition for growth.
  3. Interestingly, she has only gained 4 lbs. so far which is within range. 
  4. She's had some bloody gums which is normal at this stage. 
  5. Prepare for more intense baby movement because of increased baby growth and its coordination is getting more sophisticated like a Cirque de Soleil artist swimming, stretching, kicking, and somersaulting all about the uterus. 
  6. Getting sufficient iron is super important as baby is sucking it all up given Mommy's excess production of red blood cells
  7. Since the baby is a little vampire sucking all nutrients from Mommy, it's also important to do lotsa calcium as the baby's bones are developing in fast order. 
  8. Start buttering up as baby will start leaving its mark by way of stretch marks 
  9. May start feeling uterus contract as it starts already practicing for labor. This is called "Braxton Hicks." She may feel this as tightness around the underbelly. 

And the Pregnant Husband?

Thanks for thinking about that. Well, unlike Mommy, I do have serious symptoms. Heart-burn last night big time! It totally woke me up. That had not happened in quite some time. One symptom that I hope doesn't come my way are leaky boobs. Yep, that happens about this time too. But either wife hasn't gone through that or is refusing to disclose as she knows the Pregnant Husband is taking his narrative seriously.

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