Friday, August 16, 2019

20 Weeks 0 Days: Halfway There!

Big milestone day today.

Our little nugget is halfway baked as Mommy is officially at the exact middle point of her pregnancy at 20 weeks. The weird pregnancy math also has her at being officially 5 months pregnant!🤰Very exciting. And what a journey it has been. She has been feeling low on energy in the mornings.

Ironically. Since I am the Pregnant Husband my energy is usually being zapped in the early evenings. No joke. I crashed today bad. Now I won’t be able to sleep all night.

Today is the first day wife shares she “felt really really pregnant.” She’s now sporting her maternity gear that she has so cautiously hand-picked over many agonizing nights. Thanks Jeff Bezos for redefining the shopping experience.

Since we have a 5 year old going on 15, the house has been abuzz her psychological adjustment to transitioning from only child syndrome. We have been carefully and methodically walking her through how Mommy’s time and attention needs will be adjustment with the arrival making her a Big Sister. While she is thrilled, we have started seeing glimpses of how she really is worried about her own role in the family. We’re helping her through that. What’s working so far is that she’s being groomed to be special helper. She takes that very seriously and is now volunteering all things she will be doing to help us care for the baby. So all in all, I think we’re in a good place, even though tantrum management has been a challenge for us and clinginess and amorousness to Mom are on overdrive.

Being at the mid-point of the pregnancy has a ton of stuff happening under the hood too. Let’s review, shall we!


  • Baby is now the size of a 🍠 sweet potato. 
  • If the baby will be a girl, she now has SEVEN million eggs in her tiny ovaries. 
  • If a boy, his testes are starting to descend from the abdomen to the scrotum. 
  • Baby is starting his/her first poop! 💩 well it’s called meconium, it’s sticky black 🤢🤮
  • It’s also breathing now inhaling amniotic fluid all day!
  • Now 10 inches long
  • The skin is being covered with creamy white substance called vernix caseosa. 
  • That creamy substance is believed to start prepping body to live in land vs water. 😳
  • (See mermaids 🧜‍♀️ do exist! They didn’t get covered with vernix so they have to live underwater!)
  • Baby is now also sprouting teeth buds. 

  • She is feeling fantastic and thoroughly enjoying her pregnancy. 
  • Baby Bump has officially come out of hiding. 
  • Needs to take much more iron as her body demands it (red meats, soy, dark leafy veggies).
  • Her nails are hardening a lot and hair is starting to thicken (even though she says it’s falling).
  • To Dad’s delight, the boobs are on steroids! If I say more Pregnant Husband will be censored. 
  • She’s now waddling a lot. Penguin style. 
  • As is her tradition, not very cooperative with photography. 😡
  • Still has not felt baby move. 
  • She’s noticed some swollen action in her hands and feet ( I did too in Texas this week, ring stuck and couldn’t take off).
  • Beyond excited to being a Big Sister.
  • Keeps lobbying for Sister vs a Brother.
  • Tells anyone who looks at her that she’s having a sister.
  • Now sharing how she will help in raising her sister. 
  • Last night, announced to us she is gifting her iPad to her sister as she is getting an iPhone (well I’m glad she shared that. How generous of her. Unbelievable!)
  • Is extra amorous with Mom (of course not Dad). Ps, she didn’t get the Daddy’s Little Girl memo!
  • Is counting her sleep nights till her first day of Kindergarten next week!

  • Just getting fatter...

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