Friday, August 9, 2019

19 Weeks & Baby Swallowing Video

Big Milestone day today.

Today was the big anatomy measurement day. They do an ultrasound and measure every bones and brain and heart detail possible. It took about an hour.

Pretty surreal to experience this. Especially when you could see the baby moving around and today’s treat was that we saw the baby swallowing and moving it’s mouth. Pretty cool!!!

The baby weighed 11 ounces and is ahead of its 19 week gestational age. This basically means the baby is big and will likely be as big and V.

All was routine and checked out normal. Thank God for that! The no movement of the baby didn’t worry the doctor as he expects movement over the next two weeks. Especially since she has an anterior placenta. This means that the placenta is higher up above the cervix.

Took V to the Spectrum afterwards to ride the Giant 🎡 Ferris wheel while mom went maternity clothes shopping. Anything that involves shopping with the wife is sheer torture, so we had a blast. Even had dessert at the Hello Kitty Cafe.

Busy day but BIG DAY ❤️

And of course, since V is now all about negotiation. She got a special treat:

The coolest thing for me is how we are sharing the experience of the Pregnant Husband with our V. She was so proud she held her Mom’s hand throughout the OB visit today.

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