Tuesday, August 6, 2019

18w4d - Official Baby Bump & Pump Up the Music

Greetings from Albuquerque!

Well, my Lyft driver was a drummer in a band and we talked how our baby is now fully human in features but also can hear everything. Especially music!

No wonder V loves to dance. Throughout her time in the womb, we always had music playing. I just hope she learns to appreciate my taste in music.

Over the last week, our nugget has gotten chunkier having increased its weight 50%!!!

The myelin is now developing which is the protective coating around all the nerves. Taste buds are taking shape too. How gross to be tasting the amniotic fluid. Yuck! 🤢 but the interesting thing is that those flavors of what Mommy eats will come through in the fluid the baby is already swallowing.

But apparently the taste of that fluid will match the taste of the breast milk giving the baby a familiar taste once born.


Speaking of Momma, her center of gravity has officially shifted as baby have doubled in size and the uterus is actually the size of a 🍈 cantaloupe. The dizzy factor is there but Mommy hasn’t felt it just yet. It’s mainly because so much blood is going to uterus causing low blood pressure. But the body is quickly making much more blood.

27mm of iron are recommended daily from prenatal vitamins or protein including lentils and peas. The progesterone hormone is busy loosening things up in the body to make room for that new body spawning inside, including moving the pelvic bones for childbirth.

Ladies and Gentlemen, Baby Bump...

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