Monday, August 19, 2019

11 ounces and boring stats

Thank God for boring in a pregnancy.

That basically means that all is going as it should. Today was a doc appointment to see how things were going and doc also reviewed the anatomy scan from the last time.

All is good. Baby according to measurements is. Ounces and 5 days ahead of its gestational age.

Baby’s original due date officially was recorded as January 3rd. But based on growth, baby will likely  come the week of Xmas or in time for New Year’s week!

Mommy this am felt a tug as if the baby was pulling on the umbilical cord. While not an official movement, a clear sign that the critter is there. They had a hard time finding the heartbeat today mostly because we’ve come to find out baby hates that heart Doppler and hides from it. Pretty cool!

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