Tuesday, July 16, 2019

Welcome to our Journey!!!

So today we went live in sharing our baby journey once more with friends and family!

So welcome and feel free to catch up and read on what the Gallegos clan has been up to in these last very exciting weeks of our lives.

By now, you know that Victoria’s wish of being a Big Sister is in the oven.

Join the Pregnant Husband (me) as I share this very intimate phase of our lives. Please feel free to comment below by clicking “comments” and share your thoughts. Raising Victoria these last 5 years has taught us that it most definitely takes a village. So we want to thank those of you whom have chosen to be an active part of our lives. It’s important to us.

Our road is still long. Today Victoria is now 5 years old and her Baby sibling is 15 weeks and 5 days in the oven. While Victoria’s middle name may be Luz, her sibling is the size of a light bulb right now or that of an orange weighing approximately 2.5 ounces or 4.02 inches. In fact baby is busy inside squirming around and pumping a whopping 25 quarts of blood each day through its ferocious little heart. Even having hiccups at this time.

Mom is feeling great except for the occasional headache. Especially now that I managed to give her a bad case of the cold. But she’s a total champ.

Now that V knows she is giddy and kisses Mommy’s belly constantly and asked we buy her bubbles because she is giving her “sister” a bath when she gets here. Yes, she keeps asking that baby be a sister. Every night she gives the baby bump a “persinada” or sign of the cross good night just as she is used to giving us as a nighttime ritual.

In any case, welcome, and visit often for this miracle of life will be the biggest Christmas gift we have ever been blessed with! ❤️ 🍼 ❤️

P.S. why PigLoveSeven you ask? Well, both Alicia and I are Pigs 🐷 🐷 in the Chinese zodiac. We are lucky in love, and well Seven is our Luckiest number ever...what is there not to understand?

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