Wednesday, July 17, 2019

The Apple 🍎 of our Eyes!

If you’re reading this, thanks for coming back. The cool thing about this format is that you can read updates or simply backtrack and catch up if you’re into binge reading in one sitting. 

According to all the research I’ve been doing for baby #2, our baby is now the size of an apple today 🍎. That’s pretty cool. Others say the baby size is that of a Nutella jar, go figure. 

The really cool thing is that Baby G can now distinguish light even though the eyes are still shut right. All of his or her limbs and joints are moving and practicing movement. Pretty surreal. Even more so, hearing is developing quickly to the point that he will start distinguishing Mommy’s voice. How cool is that? 

If she can hear, I’m sure she got an earful today as she experienced a soccer game in person as V was on the field escorting soccer players during tonight’s Arsenal vs FC Bayern of the International Championship Cup 2019. It was televised on ESPN. As usual this experience was a total blast for V as she entered the field owning it waving and dancing as a player from the FC Bayern held her down from running across the field by holding her hand. Victoria seriously thought she was walking a cat walk. Love it! 

Mommy today get tired all day and is also now officially wobbling. Her penguin walk is now in full force. She’s owning her penguin style and strutting it like V did down the field tonight! 

This Pregnant Husband thing is no joke (thanks for calling it and saying I’m just outright fat Mara, thanks, take it back). I’m seriously experiencing some of Mommy’s symptoms. It’s real, look it up! 

For one, we got to the stadium without tickets. I swore I placed them in V’s snackpack. Turns out I forgot them at home. Luckily the folks at the stadium believed our story and gave us replacement tickets. 

Victoria’s adventures continue in full force and continues being open to new experiences. There’s something in the works which she has asked us for and we are trying our best to make it happen. Stay tuned as things materialize! 

She’s taking her self-training as Big Sister very seriously. Checks up on her constantly, plops open Mom’s blouse in public like she just don’t care to give “baby kisses” and caress tummy. 

Today she started counting the members of our family one by one and revealed we would be a family of six. This of course made me so proud because she considers Siete (our Maltese) and Cowboy (our Morkie) total members of our family. Totally cool! And of course all we could think of was of our SEVENTH would be member, Diva (our Yorkie) who went to doggie 🐢 heaven last month on June 22nd and over the rainbow bridge 🌈  πŸŒ‰...

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