Sunday, July 21, 2019

Official maternity clothes shopping πŸ› πŸ›’

I guess it really is true. At 16 weeks, baby bump grows like weeds. The fourth month pregnancy marker made wife rush to by clothes that were stretchy.

The interesting episode with V was that she did some shopping of her own bring us baby clothes for baby. Pretty much an aweeee moment, then I sent her on her way to return them to her dismay.

She’s been kinda extra needy these days. Last night she was crying in bed because she missed her preschool teachers. Tonight she cried because a teacher today told her that the boys team was better than the girls. She’s very competitive but I think that’s a bit much. So I try and tell her that she won’t always win as much as she won’t always lose. The whole you lose some and win some. She was comforted with that and fell asleep.

Mommy was extra tired today and ate for four when she’s really only for two. So we gave her some space to do some napping.

I’ve got a crazy week of travel coming up and it’s been hella hot here. So we’ll see how things unfold.

V had a hugeeeeee day today as she started on another adventure she has been asking for a while. Things went pretty good and seemed to have lived it. Came home running to Mommy with a huge grin and thumbs up. So I take it as a hit. More on this adventure later, stay tuned!

For now, I continue savoring the kickoff to my awesome Sunday. Wife treated me to my craving of Menudo with pata. Which is unusual because while I love Menudo. I’ve always despised the pata. Well, hello, I’m the Pregnant Husband, remember!

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