Sunday, July 7, 2019

Mommy & Daddy’s 12th year anniversary!

Beautiful day today as we celebrated 12 years of marriage.

And mommy 14 weeks pregnant!

We went to Dodgers Stadium to celebrate and took our niece Diana. Great day even though the Dodgers lost to the Padres 5-3.

Victoria wanted to do slime after but not before we stopped for a fancy anniversary dinner at our favorite taco truck in LA, Mariscos Jalisco.

Baby now has fully formed fingerprints and is moving arms and hands. The very important development happening now is his or her immune system is now growing cells that fight infection.

Mom has had a couple headaches over last week but overall feeling great. I caught a bug during the week and have managed to get the girls sick too.

Overall, very busy 4th of July weekend. With the official announcing to friends and family and all the social events on the calendar, we’re exhausted!

We did attend a beautiful 65th Bday party with mariachis of Cuca, wife’s aunt last night.

Our 12th wedding anniversary, great way to cap off this epic and amazing holiday weekend...oh yeah and with earthquakes two. The strongest in 20 years. Go figure!


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