Monday, July 29, 2019

Lashes & Yawning

So all research points to the baby growing its eyelashes in fast order right now. In addition to swallowing, it’s also now yawning.

Baby must be catching on to Dad’s cold. It has me beat!

But that didn’t stop me from celebrating my bday week in chicago with my girls. V has been so excited all week because of today’s trip to Chicago. He ultimate goal is going to the splash pad at Millennium Park. She has an impeccable memory as she’s been coming to Chicago every year since her birth and now that she can talk and communicate with us, she’s able to tel us where she likes to go and what she likes to do. Unreal.

We’ve had a long travel day so we’re beat. We have an amazing suite overseeing the Chicago skyline and lake and river and just breathtaking. Even V said, this is cool.

It was uneventful for Mommy and baby. Even though Mommy is a bit tired. Moreso than normal.

Ok, let’s hope this baby continues with its textbook milestones.

For now, V is enjoying what she loves most, traveling.

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