Monday, July 22, 2019

Heartbeat! πŸ’— Doctor says it’s officially 16w3days

So we had an early OB appt today before I head out to crazy travel that will get me to El Paso at 1am.

Doc says all is gravy. Victoria was also able to join us and hear the baby’s heartbeat for the first time without the help of ultrasound. This means that they have this funky little machine called the Doppler that sits on tummy and it has a speaker where you can hear the baby’s heartbeat. The three of us were wow’d To hear it so alive before our eyes in the room. V actually put her iPad down to pay attention. Now, that is amazing in itself.

Mommy was ordered more tests. I believe this next round tests for gestational diabetes. Or some sort of weird term called Macrosomia. Based on their learnings of wife’s past pregnancy with Victoria, she was known to have fetal macrosomia. In English, this basically means that Victoria was a big baby! I guess delivering a nine pound girl is considered big. And because of that fact, they expect this baby to be just as big. And that is someone related to mommy having elevated sugar.

The other big red flag 🚩 at this point is the importance of mommy to be in zen. The hormone which is linked to stress is called cortisol and is in mommy’s blood stream which means it also makes its way to the amniotic fluid where the baby is swimming in and taking in tons of nutrients. So the bottom line is that mommy needs to be chill. If not, stress will cause fetal issues with the development of the baby. And that is not good.

Isn’t it a total miracle we are even alive? Every time I leave the doctor’s office. I leave totally freaked out for that very reason.


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