Saturday, July 27, 2019

Baby Bump! Bring On the Baby Fat!

So baby is now forming fat! Whoaaaaaa....So that means the skin is starting to no longer be as see through as before.

The bones are hardening now too which is why nutrition is so important right now. But the crazy thing is that the baby is practicing sucking now. All instinct for survival once it’s out in the real world.

Wife wore a beautiful maternity dress to a baby shower today and she looked hot! The baby bump is most definitely saying, hey I’m here!

Baby also must have felt a lot of twirls and swirls as parents were dancing all night long while date night was in full effect at Xavi’s Bday bash. Mommy felt like she had a Boulder all night long. Very fun evening but with baby in tow, mommy couldn’t hang in there and got tired quite quickly.

Happy Bday Young man! Your wife knows how to throw a party!!!

Well, here’s baby bump in it’s full glory!

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