Sunday, July 28, 2019

Anxiously Awaiting Movement

Still waiting to feel actual baby movements.

We thought that after baby being subjected to lotsa dancing last night in Ladera Ranch that it would be motivated to start kicking too. We await.

Baby also has Mommy quite fatigued.

And since I’m the Pregnant Husband, me too. Actually had to take two naps today. Only to wake with a sore throat. Here we go again....I despise getting colds and they do a pretty good job at beating me down.

We dropped off the pups at Wita’s tonight and it was sad. It was first time without Diva making her trek with her boys and we all felt her absence.

After V did some of her mandatory “shows” for Grandma (Meet Me In The Middle and Girls Just Wanna Have Fun) we went home to pack and she quickly fell asleep in the car.

Little Siete Loves Hanging Out with Big Sister Victoria! 

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