Friday, July 26, 2019

17 Weeks! Pomegranate & Bones

Our little one is 17 weeks!

About the size of a pomegranate and mommy is still waiting to feel the kicks.

Mommy had an intense session today of giving blood on both arms. She had some glucose test and other things they run at 17 weeks which meant 7 viles of blood. No wonder she was dizzy afterwards!

The senses are growing quick. Even the brain is taking over now and telling her body what to do, like her heart in terms of how and when to beat!

Even her cord is getting better at getting all the vitamins baby needs. With all this rapid change, Mom is having trouble sleeping as it gets interrupted and even having weird dreams.

Baby Nuggets
* 5 inches long
* Soft cartilage is hardening to bone now 
* Heartbeat is beating 150 times a minute 
* Brain is honing sense of smell, sight, sound, and touch.
* Arms and legs now proportional
* In a trimester and a half baby will be ready for showtime!
* If a girl, already making millions of eggs for her ovaries
* Those eggs will be only ones she will have for the rest of her life.

What About Mommy Stats?
* She is restless and has trouble sleeping
* Loves eating ice cream, ice cream, and more ice cream (kid may have ice cream face)
* May start feeling ligament pain in lower stomach as uterus keeps expanding
* Doc recos she lay on her left side to relief pressure (maternity belt recommended)
* Appetite will come in full force as growing baby will demand more and more nutrients
* Crazy dreams will start showing up (will try to document those too but its pulling teeth!)

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