Wednesday, July 24, 2019

16w5d and boy is it hot!

We’ve been going through a heat wave. A crazy hot one. And we don’t do good in heat, or cold. That’s probably why we enjoy living in SoCal. It’s almost always perfect weather I know.

But where is the time on this pregnancy going! It’s flying by. Four months into it I already feel like I’ve missed so many photo ops or video ops. Yeah yeah I know. I’m self aware. I need serious therapy. But I’m the sed designated family librarian and archivist.

Mommy had a scare last night and spent night at her in moms. All this always happens while I’m away on business travel. Almost like clockwork. I was out this week in El Paso and Las Cruces grinding it out.

And today was showtime with our QBR. Presented our strategy and plan with very positive input. Only to come home to V wanting to play boyfriend girlfriend. I had to present her with a ring because that’s what boyfriends do apparently. But I first had to role play and ask her if she wanted to be my girlfriend. So Emily accepted. That was also apparently her role playing name. Not to be outdone, she quickly went to her room to change into a white dress because apparently we had dated enough and were now getting married. So we had to go downstairs and dance our wedding song which she blistered to Alexa and the wedding reception was in full force to Love of a Lifetime. I danced with her. When I went to grab her hand to dance together vs separate, she immediately said oh no no no, we’re dancing with amazing moves. Which meant us individually twirling and moving our hands into the air like you just don’t care. Sorry you had to visualize that but it happened. Wife dropped in to watch the first dance (it was a wedding don’t forget). And wife wasn’t really wife. She was cousin Lisha according to Emily. You follow?

Well, and their you have it folks. That’s what Dad’s to daughters do when they come home from work. The secret is out!

Had a special dinner with my girls and we remembered the special day today. It would of been my beloved grandpa’s Papa Pompeyo’s Bday. He was a very important father figure in my life next to my own dad. We had a special bond. He’d be over the moon if he’d be around for this stage in our lives. His memory will remain alive as I share his influence in my life with Victoria and Baby G.

How far along?  16w5d
Total weight gain/loss?  Doesn’t want to disclose. Really! 
Maternity clothes?  Yes. 
Pregnancy symptoms?  Shortness of breath going upstairs. Very uncomfortable sleeping. Gets full fast eating. Sporadic headaches. 
Stretch marks? No.
Sleep?  Terrible. Have a body pillow and Fort Knox type barrier keeping Pregnant Husband away. 
Best moment last week? Victoria’s being a soccer escort on the field for the International Champions Cup! 
Movement?  None.
Food cravings? Sweets, ice cream, blasting a/c.
Gender? Almost everyone is saying boy. Victoria says girl. 
Belly button in/out? In.
What I miss: Wine and Sushi!  🍷 🍣 
What I am looking forward to: Getting bigger. Very much enjoys pregnancy. 
Milestones: Shifting into maternity clothes. Belly popped at 14 weeks. Victoria’s behavior has turned very tender and loving to baby while very clingy, possessive of mommy. Husband thinking he is actually experience pregnancy symptoms and competing with tummy size. 

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