Thursday, July 4, 2019

14 Weeks! Pregnancy Officially Announced!

Happy 4th of July!!!

We’re officially out of the “danger zone” which means our first trimester ended June 27th! Yes. That means we are now into our second trimester and the reality of this baby making it is becoming more and more real.

Red, White, & Pink or Blue, DUE with Firecracker #2!

We’re over the moon with Stars and Stripes and sleepless nights...

Blessed to announce Victoria’s wish is coming true! #bigsister ❤️💥❤️ #vadventures

So today we announced our official pregnancy.

We so much appreciate the love and support. But gotta admit, we are quite overwhelmed. This is a huge step in our lives and having your support means the world to us.

So the baby is now the size of a 🍑 peach, yes! And it’s crazy that the baby is also now sucking its thumb, peeing, and wiggling about. The best thing is that mom is not feeling a thing outside an occasional headache. But never got the memo on the traditional nausea or expected preggers ailment. She’s a champ!

Today we made this blog public too. Even though I haven’t officially announced that the blog is live. But if you are here, thank you for following our journey. It’s quite a blessing and we feel completely fortunate to be able to live this story...

Let’s do this!

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