Saturday, June 1, 2019

9 Weeks 2 Days: Cravings Overdrive!

So today is the 10th pregnancy week. (I still can’t figure out pregnancy math)

The length of baby is now 3 centimeters or 1.3 inches.
The actual weight now is 2 grams or 0.1 ozs

Baby has been busy growing muscles 💪 too now. So much so it now uses them to move and wiggle about in the amniotic fluid that is protecting and nurturing his growing body.

The crazy thing is that all of its tiny organs are kickstarting and begin to function now.

Mommy continues to have heart burn, lotsa pee breaks and tons of restless sleep. Most notably are her cravings! She is not typically one to have them. But last night she had to have sour dough toast with lotsa butter with a healthy (huge) serving of rocky road ice cream on the side (sorry for the sugar  rush baby G).

Back to baby, the growth continues as warp speed. It’s now beginning to bend her wrists while the head is lifted off the chest now.

What’s developing now is the diaphragm which will enable breathing and hiccups.

The other late breaking news is the wife has no interest in cooking (yeah.....).

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