Thursday, June 20, 2019

12w0days Lime size/2 inches-Diva!

Well wrapping up week in Chicago for BLS and jetting home to catch my lady V’s performance in her first ever Hello Dolly musical production! So proud of her!

Baby is growing! In fact, Mommy has OB checkup this morning and all is looking great. Baby is size of about a lime measuring about 2 inches in length now. Jury is out whether today is 12w0days or if today is 11w6days. Doesn’t matter but all vitals checked out fantastic with baby.

Another huge milestone for us was yesterday’s vet visit for Diva. We found some unusual lumps around her neck about two weeks ago. Vet gave her meds for swelling to come down. Turns out they didn’t. He ran some aspiration tests/aspiration only to get the dreaded results. Diva has lymphoma cancer and has but a few months to live, 3 at best. We are so so so sad about this. Our first baby girl at only 10 years old is now slowly going to leave us. She brought so much joy to our life. After consulting with the vet, her cancer has spread to all her lymph nodes. We will give her pain free medical attention until we observe that she is no longer her perky playful self. We are devastated. We will now prep on how to tel Victoria.

Such a sad circle of life.

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