Sunday, June 9, 2019

10 weeks 3 days!

Well, things continue to be hectic and busy in Casa Gallegos!

Victoria celebrated her 5th birthday yesterday and it took us all day today to recover. Her Pinkalicious theme at the Lil Chef School in Irvine was a total hit. Special memories were made and we continue to be amazed by our little lady. She’s just a precious happy little human.

Momma continues nurturing baby in the oven. This morning in fact, the line that appears below the belly button showed itself. Another point of how real this is.

Ovia says the baby is now learning coordination by touching its face and mouth. Momma has now officially transitioned to bigger sized pants. The uterus is now growing at warp speed and it’s clear of its impact on the waistline.

The next ultrasound is not for another whole two weeks. Can’t wait. I bet the transformation will just be incredible.

Ok, gotta catch a flight to Chicago in the morning and then to San Francisco midweek. It’s gonna be another busy time.

🙏🏻 👶 🙏🏻

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