Thursday, May 2, 2019

5 Weeks pregnant today! 2 Months into Pregnancy

That was the HcG level that came back from the bloodwork yesterday.

The doc said it was perfect. Let’s continue that trend.

So wife continues to be very tired and so is pregnant hubby as I’ve picked up a lot of the stuff she usually does to help alleviate her load. I swear, women are made of steal. I’m exhausted every single night.

We’ve already started plans to surprise the Abuelita’s. I think we’ve settled on V making the big reveal over Mother’s Day. That’ll make it extra special.

As for wife tonight she is at prom. Yep. She was invited by our beloved Father Jim to be her date. So while she is off to prom I get to babysit V. Needless all the time I was going to spend prepping for my big presentation to the president of our company next week went by the wayside.

I’m starting to organize in my head all the logistical things that will need to happen before this angel’s God-willing arrival. The first thing has been booked today. After much research, we’ve agreed on an Obstetrician. She’s got her first sonogram booked for (drum roll please)...Mexican Mother’s Day!!! It’s getting real y’all.

350 days to go.

Baby G is now the size of a black peppercorn or an orange seed and looks like a tadpole. Baby now has 3 layers of cells which will develop into its skin, muscle and skeleton as well as stomach and intestines. 

This baby is in the fast track! It will double in size every single week. 😳😳😳

Photo courtesy of What To Expect:

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