Wednesday, May 8, 2019

Heart Beating! Start of Pregnancy Week 6

I love stats! ❤️❤️

Maybe because of the baby step wins with each milestone.

Here’s what I know today:

  1. We are halfway through the first trimester. 
  2. We have 6 more weeks to reach the magic 12 weeks ending the first trimester.
  3. At the end of 6 weeks, baby will measure 5mm or size of a bean (our lil frijolito!)
  4. Heart has started beating now at rate of 150 bpm! 
  5. Mommies emotional radar is now at all time high. Tears can flow freely now (thanks hcg).
  6. It’s been 41 days since the official start of our pregnancy. 
  7. Our pregnancy is 15% complete today!

We’ve got the following milestones to reach:

  • 6/27/19 - start of 2nd trimester.
  • 10/10/19 - start of 3rd trimester
  • 12/12 - safe date for child to be born
Our busy lives keep humming along. Had insane week. Hosted our U.S. president today and the senior leadership team. Proud to showcase what we are doing to drive results. Ironically report came out this morning with us at #1 again!!!

Wife giddy hosting her first godson Johnny visiting from Portland. V loves Johnny and made him carry her like when she was a baby.

Tomorrow we are surprising V with a visit to Legoland. She lovesssss Legoland.

Very cool baby gets to come along and live these experiences as it’s growing growing growing!!!

Good Night! 🌙😘

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