Wednesday, May 29, 2019

Gestational Age: 8 weeks, 6 days or 2.04 Months Pregnant!

So lots has been happening!!!

Decided to use Disney as the background for our birth announcement given our connection to the House of Mouse.

We did our photo shoot yesterday and it was quite a feat given using an almost 5-year-old in the announcement.

Tricky as we still haven’t told V she will be a Big Sister yet. It’s too early. Best to take precautions.
But it was lotsa fun.

Today the new Galaxy’s Edge attraction officially opened at Disneyland. So that was a big deal. Looking forward to taking V there a lot!

Here’s how the baby is looking right now according to Flo Health:

In fact, while at Disney yesterday, wife said she knew exactly where baby was and pointed to it by having me feel. I guess at almost an inch long, it’s starting to manifest it’s presence. 

The awesome thing is that outside of increased tiredness and fatigue, wife doesn’t have the expected nausea. Just lotsa bathroom breaks and interrupted sleep as a result. 

This past weekend was a test in her energy as we went to Steve and Angie’s wedding in Temecula. Very cool nuptials. And special shout out to Becky for sitting Victoria. Thanks to the Tellier’s we were able to dance the night away (Victoria has some sort of phobia as she does not allow us to touch or dance). Hmmm...therapy may be in the horizon. But we’ll see if she grows out of it. 

Bloodwork came in today too and all levels and hormones are normal. 

V also started summer school today. She was excited as she loves school. A meltdown did ensue when I licked the top of her plain Costco sundae. Unbeknownst too me is one of those no nos that sends her into a fury as when someone opens the door first to the dogs going outside the years. Quirks of a toddler...but that’s another blog, better yet, book! 

...and yet more shopping in preparation for V’s Big 5 Bday! 

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