Thursday, May 16, 2019

7 weeks day1: Baby has doubled in size in one week!

Baby is now size of a blueberry or half an inch. 😱

It’s now forming its eyelids and hands and feet are starting to grow from the stubs that are its arms and legs.

The photo above from BabyCenter shows how the baby looks right now. It’s pretty cool to see how the head is resting on the heart. ❤️❤️

Lotsa activity in the house.

Wife now saying her boobs are beginning to be very tender (like my heart). We are in full planning mode for Victoria’s upcoming birthday party on June 8th. Pretty surreal she is already turning 5!
Since this little lady now has an opinion, she is having a unique party. It’s actually an experience rather than a party. She wants the theme to be Pinkalicious frozen the book and wants to invite girls to cook and bake. That should be interesting.

I continue on work overload and will be spending next week in Chicago.

It rained most of the day today which is odd for May and even had a small 2 point something earthquake in Orange County.

Well gotta catch some Zzzzz as another management presentation will happen tomorrow morning.


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