Monday, January 12, 2015

Tough Days Ahead

Dear V,

At 7 months you are too young to understand many things yet. Right now you are helping us through a very tough time in your Mom's family.

Your Grandpa has been hospitalized for over a week. Mom had a very tough and emotional talk with your Grandma today. One of those life changing convos you will hopefully not have to experience in a long long time.

We are living in a daze yet trying to cope and manage one day at a time. Your Grandma fell yesterday while visiting your Grandpa at the hospital and broke her right fit landing in the hospital herself too.

It's been tough. One day I will walk you through this experience. I have do much to tell you. For now, keep giving us your sunshine and your Grandpa the motivation he needs to continue fighting for life!

Ps. Dad finally sucked it up after 30 years putting it off and got braces. Yuck! So forgive me for messing up your pictures even more moving forward :)

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