Sunday, November 9, 2014

Ears Piercedat 5 Months!

Dearest V,

This was a special weekend. You turned 5 months. We took you to finally get your ears pierced. You took it like a champ. Yes, your mom cried more than you did.

Today you are exactly 22 weeks old and took you to Disney California Adventure for the first time. You loved it!

You are starting to completely roll over now and getting up with your knees as if your ready to crawl. You are getting stronger day by day.

You are also starting to explore our faces and grabbing and pinching. You now reach out to glasses and food we eat. Your inquisitiveness is going from your sight to your hands.

Your uncle Jerry and Christina took off to Miami Friday morning. Another big milestone as they are moving and doing the cross country road trip. You will miss them as they liked hanging out with you.

Love growing up with you.