Sunday, June 29, 2014

Menudo & Great Out of Town Family Visit

V is definitely getting around.

The one thing we had to cave in and do was a pacifier. We had initially agreed that it would not be good for her. But now in practice, it has become a necessity. V's appetite is voracious and insatiable. The pacifier helps calm her down and digest the food that is already there. We learned that is also helps to prompt bowel movement given the brain signals that are sent when sucking. Interesting.

So here is her first ever pacifier or chupon as I grew up calling it. It has saved us many hours of tantrums and a couple hours of sleep. Thank you chupon!

Early morning we were surprised with an awesome visit from family who drove from Phoenix to meet Victoria. Mom came and brought Menudo too. That definitely hit the spot. Delicious!

She loves being held so of course she was calm and quiet as she went from arm to arm. One thing that I am glad for is that we are raising her to be around sound. Yes, nothing startles her which is cool. I attribute it to the white noise app which I will talk about later was heaven sent.