Saturday, May 10, 2014

36w3d: Saturday May 10th: Feliz Dia De Las Madres! & Cancer Fight Going Strong...

Baby G is now 6 lbs and is gaining half an ounce of weight each day.

His movements are near acrobatic. Very alert, very restless.

Busy day as we toured the hospital where the little one will come to this world.

The hectic day ended with visiting inlaws for today's Mother's Day (celebrated by all Mexican Moms) and assembling our stroller.

Pretty exciting!

Wife's swollen feet still a worry but luckily her blood pressure is very normal. So it will just be one of those pesky symptoms we will have to live with until after the birth.

From placenta eating to full moons is where today's conversations swayed. I firmly believe the increase of births during a full moon is nothing but an old wife's tale. Just in case, I looked it up. The next full moon in June will be June 13th. So, if the theory is correct, will the baby wait to come eight days past his due date?

Highly doubt it.

In line with inlaws visit, I appreciate the concern on father in law's health. He is doing fantastic with his treatment.

God willing, if all goes as planned thus far, this Monday he will begin his LAST cancer chemo treatment cycle. Each cycle for him has been quite a beating. Leaving him weaker and weaker every time. We continue having lotsa hope. He has had a couple relapses but mostly due to accidents such as falling and such. The most recent they detected bleeding in the brain, but was luckily contained.

Thank you for reaching out and staying in touch with his health.


36w1d: Friday, May 9th - Enter Placentophagy

Well well well. You learn daily.

In all of our research, we came across this practice. It's the ancient tradition in Chinese culture to eat your placenta. You read that right. It's becoming a very popular practice here. It is billed to have many positive benefits for the health of the mom. Usually it is cooked, cut up, dehydrated, and powdered into capsules. It's benefits include increased energy and increased milk production.

Humans are the only mammals known to not eat their placenta. The jury is out whether its eaten as a form to curb prey from knowing offspring is available or if its an instinctual habit to take in needed nutrients after birth.

Pretty amazing stuff.