Sunday, May 4, 2014

35w3d: Goodbye Dallas!

Quite an emotional day.

We packed our bags, put final touches to wrap things up and we took a one way airplane trip to LA. This officially marked the end of an era for us.

Our dear friends - the Shavers - took us to the airport. I preferred to think we were going out on our frequent grubbin runs than think it was our goodbye.

Wife's feet didn't fair so well as they were a hot link sausage mess. The got pretty swollen. Luckily, nothing a good ole hubby rub couldn't fix.

Our Maltese Siete also came with since our other two came home on my I famous solo roadtrip.

Baby G was restless most of the trip. But behaved like a champ. With this offici move, the period of firsts begins. But don't worry, rest assured I will loop you in!


May 3, 2014 - 35w2d: Prepping To Leave Dallas


Spent most of day getting things ready for one way ticket to LA.

As a right of passage, took wife to a field of blue bonnets. These are Texas official flowers. So it was fitting to take a photo with them as we leave the state. We loved living here and will definitely miss it. But there is always an end to every beginning.

I really enjoyed the baby's constant movements. Definitely felt the baby's legs and butt moving about.  We totally now see him reacting to my voice and touch.

If he is indeed a he, the other development is that his testes has dropped from his abdomen to where they are supposed to be by now.

One more day left in the big state.