Saturday, April 19, 2014

33w2d: LA Clippers Playoffs & Hospital Bag Readiness

Busy Saturday as we were hosting the arrival of FIFA's World Cup Trophy and went to the playoffs with my brother. Intense game but we lost.

Wife has been busy getting her hospital bag ready. In her shopping she is noticing her fatigue.  As she was exhausted when she had to cut visit short. She actually had to buy footwear a size bigger. She is also not able to sleep through the night anymore since baby is bigger.

The linea negra in her belly is darkening and all she wants to do is berries and ice cream.

I'm glad she was dog sitting this weekend as they bring her much zen.

She has the penguin walk down as she sways from side to side and has to take deeper breaths to get more oxygen.

It's getting closer!