Thursday, January 30, 2014

5 MONTHS PREGNANT: "I feel a connection to our baby"

22 weeks preggers, or 5 months!

The cravings are in full force. Rocky Road ice cream. Incredible, like THAT is healthy for the baby!

So today on "bump Thursday" wife shares special announcement: "I feel a very special connection to our baby."

Now that she is showing, her students are harassing her to find out the gender. Even her teacher colleagues are in disbelief that we are going to wait yo make the delivery experience that much more special.

This made all the sense as I have seen her unusually touching her belly as of late. When I call her on it, she says it's done unconsciously.

The snoogle has definitely been the best investment as it's helping her weight while she sleeps as her belly is out in full force.

Baby G is officially the size of a papaya. Again, don't ask why they equate baby size with fruits. I find it odd.

One particular thing has been her glow, she radiates beauty. Don't gag, I mean it.

On the health of my father in law, appreciate the prayers. He is finishing his 3rd week of chemo treatment this week and feeling better than last week. Please continue keeping him in prayer. Or if your not religious, send positive vibes. We are rooting for him to pull through. Baby G especially!