Sunday, January 26, 2014

21w2d: Dad's Bday 1/25/14

This is strange!

My entry last night did not post. I wrote a little tribute to Dad as he would of turned 82 yesterday.

Of all the posts since starting this blog, this is the first one that went away. Maybe it was dad's way of affirming he is still around along for the journey.

I wrote how he had come to me in a dream the morning of his bday. I rarely dream of him. It was comforting to my soul.

21w3d: Baby G Now Putting On Some Fat!

Up to now, the most important priority for the baby has been growth.

Now, he will start storing fat under his skin which will start making him less transparent as we have seen on the ultrasounds where his organs and bones are quite visible.

Since I'm in Dana Point, CA, of course I missed a fluttering showdown with the baby. Apparently he had lotsa fluttering going on during tonight's Grammy's.

All the music we have been exposing him to is sure taking an influence.

Here's hoping the cheeks catch up to papas!