Monday, October 13, 2014


Miss V,

As you can see. My letters to you are not as frequent. That's because the last several weeks have been quite busy now that you are in our life.

Today was a big day though. Grandma came to babysit you at home whe we cleaned the house. Yeap, we need help. Later she went with us for you to get your second round of shots! You cried but quickly recovered with your happy face and squirms.

Your Mom's bday on the 9th was epic!

First, you outgrew your infant seat and we put in the next baby seat. We also took you to Disneyland! You loved it!!!

You are gaining a lot of strength. In fact your growth is now that of an 8 month old and you are only 4 months!!!!!

Doctor today measured you at 27 inches long and weighing a bit over 15lbs.

You are a worm in bed and in your stroller chair. You love to twist.

More later love, Dad has to catch some zzzzz's.

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